New Coupé GTI

New Coupé GTI

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New Crossline Premium

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New City Premium

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Choose the leader in license-free cars

The indispensable of license-free

Aixam, la sécurité est une priorité

Aixam, safety is a priority

The safety of the car's occupants is of utmost importance. The AIXAM engineering teams impose strict rules with regard to elaborate engineering design and a high-tech choice of materials and parts originating from the automotive industry. The innovative solutions increase the active and passive security quality. AIXAM is the first license-free car manufacturer to subject its range to crash tests with success.
The design of the license-free vehicle guarantees far greater safety than that of the two-wheeler. The chassis and bodywork form a cell that dampens shocks and protects you.

Voiture sans permis, la mobilité selon Aixam

The small car, mobility according to Aixam

The license-free car is a mobility alternative. Easy to drive, the AIXAM models offer you the freedom to move around and go about your activities, leisure and obligations. Stress-free travelling with complete independence, the advantage of driving an Axiam is to no longer have to rely on public transport or anybody else.
The license-free car, it’s the freedom to go anywhere, safely, in all weather conditions and with no particular equipment.

Découvrez la voiture sans permis Aixam

The power of the AIXAM approved network

AIXAM has an extensive network in France and in Europe. 130 Distributors in France and 600 in Europe spread over 12 countries.
The AIXAM approved network is the relay of quality and guarantee of the reliability of your license-free car. The AIXAM Distributor ensures brand conformity. The teams are trained in all of the services the brand has to offer:
- To advise you on the new range of AIXAM cars as well as the second-hand option.
- To present the whole range of services for insurance, finance, short or long-term rental and brand guarantees.
- To propose maintenance and repair solutions for your model, using the manufacturer's spare parts, thanks to the after-sales service.

Découvrez la voiture sans permis Aixam

Driving the AIXAM license-free car

AIXAM is the license-free car leader both in France and in Europe. Manufactured in France, our engineers develop the range based on three core values: safety, comfort and design.
The range offers three models: City, Coupé and Crossline, in thermal or electric motorisation (City and Coupé). To choose an AIXAM model is to take advantage of all the seriousness and passion of the brand with regard to safety and user comfort.
Discover the 3D configurator that allows you to model your wishes with a large choice of finishes and available options.