Original Aixam parts

When you drive your Aixam, be aware that all of the parts of your vehicle undergo constraints and high temperatures. The original AIXAM parts are designed to deal with extreme conditions.

In order for you to drive your Aixam in complete confidence, our 7,000 original parts have all passed rigorous tests and have been specifically qualified and approved for your model.

Choosing the original Aixam part guarantees:

  • Perfect adjustment
  • High quality materials
  • Proven safety standards
  • Engine reliability
  • Durability of wearing parts (brakes, filters etc...)

The importance of spare parts

A whole world is set into motion when you are behind the wheel of your Aixam. While you take advantage of your vehicle, your brake pads, which are frequently put to use, attain a high temperature; the same as your oil filter which purifies large quantities of oil to ensure the lubrication and protection of your engine until the next service.

The quality of the replacement parts greatly affects the quality of your driving. The servicing and replacement of parts at regular intervals are essential to guarantee the proper functioning of your Aixam, but above all to guarantee your safety. The original Aixam parts are the only ones to have been designed and tested especially for your vehicle, and must be your one and only choice.

By trusting an approved technician with the servicing of your Aixam, you can rest assured that your vehicle will always provide optimal performance in complete safety, regardless of all the stresses of everyday use.