Aixam/C.E.R partnership



 C.E.R driving school network and AIXAM are committed to youth mobility 

The objective of the CER/AIXAM partnership is to make young people discover that the road isn’t for the taking but for sharing and to educate teenagers at an early age on all road hazards, helping them acquire the behaviour to allow them to protect themselves from the dangers of road traffic and to consider the other road users.


Guiding teenagers to the pleasures of driving in all safety: road traffic and mobility education

Teaching youngsters to drive from the age of 14 through the CER/AIXAM partnership is to provide them with an initial driving experience in all security courtesy of quadricycles equipped with a significant safety coefficient thanks to, among other things, their four wheels and rigid, resistant passenger compartment. Using a 4-wheeled vehicle allows teenagers to get prepared for the challenge of obtaining a driving license and to have awareness of its regulations. The speed limit of license-free vehicles being limited to 45 km/h provides for a nice and easy apprenticeship. They allow the youngsters using them to move around independently gaining access to a new lifestyle and to liberate themselves from the constraints of public transport.

Mobility education with an AM license

The CER will issue a certificate to all teenagers who have undergone driving training. Thanks to the educational support from the CER instructor, the young adolescent learns to drive, acquires competences and adopts the good habits and practices to obtain their AM license and becomes a responsible young driver before the driving test at the age of 18.

Furthermore, the CER/AIXAM partnership brings a mobility possibility to persons who have experienced learning difficulties for their driving test.

What is a light quadricycle?

This vehicle category is based on European legislation that sets out 3 fundamental criteria with regard to speed, empty weight and maximum power.

  • The empty weight must not exceed 350 kg
  • The maximum speed is less than, or equal to 45 km/h
  • The maximum power is less than, or equal to 4 kW (around 5.6 hp)

How to gain access to driving a license-free car

Persons born after December 31, 1987 must be holders of an AM driving license.


  • Holders of a moped option BSR issued before January 19, 2013 or a moped option AM license can drive a light quadricycle.
  • Holders of an AM license with light quadricycle option can only drive a light quadricycle. Access to mopeds is not permitted.
  • Holders of any valid driving licence can drive a light quadricycle.

About the CER:

Well established after thirty-three years of existence, today the CER network has over five hundred and fifty driver training establishments. The network comprised of instructors who are as passionate as they are experienced, accompany the young and not so young through their training and the procurement of their driving license. In 2016 the network confirmed its legitimacy on the French market by establishing its own quality label and putting the ISO 9001 into place at its professional training centres. Covering all French territory, the head office is based in the 9th arrondissement of Paris at 88 rue Lafayette. 

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