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Leader in Quadicycles in france and in europe

With a market share of over 52%, AIXAM has been the reference in its sector for almost 40 years, both for private vehicles (AIXAM range) as for ultra-light utility vehicles (AIXAM PRO range). The company has a dense distribution network both in France and in Europe: 130 dealers in France and 600 spread throughout 12 European countries.

GROWING roduction 

From 1986 to 2002, the AIXAM-MEGA production capacity more than tripled reaching a record of 15,500 vehicles in 2007. In 2009, AIXAM-MEGA was hit by the economic crisis and stabilised production at 11,200 units, bringing it back up to around 12,000 in the years that followed. In 2021, the absolute record is set at over 16,100 vehicles produced over the year. 

In 2020, AIXAM-MEGA will have produced over 300,000 vehicles.

100% french Manufacturing

Based in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region of France since its creation, the manufacturer employs 250 staff spread over two production sites: the head office and an assembly plant in Aix-les-Bains in Savoie (73) and 4 other production and assembly lines located in Chanas in Isère (38). Over 15,500 vehicles can be produced, assembled and checked in these factories every year.

Respect for THE environment

Engine innovation, aerodynamics, recycling… Since it was founded, respect for the environment has been a major issue for the AIXAM brand. Each engine is fuel-efficient and exemplary in terms of pollution:

  • combustion vehicles emitting only 80g/km of CO (3.1L/100 km) 
  • zero-emission electric vehicles are developing rapidly

In addition, aerodynamics also makes a contribution to this ecological commitment, which culminates in waste processing, as each AIXAM vehicle is 100% recyclable!

passion and EXPERTISE

The AIXAM-MEGA brand was represented in motor racing for over two decades, through passion and a taste for high performance mechanics.

The off-road MEGA Track GT coupé, the MEGA Glace which won three Andros Trophies from 1992 through to 1999, the MEGA Desert which took second place at the Dakar 2000 with Stephane Peterhansel at the wheel... The MEGA team designed, developed, manufactured and raced cars with internationally-renowned drivers (Alesi, Belmondo,…) in various events, and with success.

These commitments ceased at the beginning of 2000 as a consequence of AIXAM-MEGA strategic choices.  However, with the automobile racing bug permanently rooted in the company, MEGA once again participated in the 2010 Andros Electric Trophy sending sparks flying in the St-Dié des Vosges challenge and taking second place on the podium.