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NEWS OF THE RANGE IMPULSION : ABS (anti-locking braking system), safety by Aixam

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Aixam equips the GTO with the anti-locking braking system as standard equipment!  The ABS will initially be optional on the CITY PREMIUM.

The ABS system will be GTO standard equipment: the Anti-locking Braking System, allows the control of the trajectory to avoid obstacles in case of emergency. Braking distances are shortened and the handling ability is strengthened on every types of ground and in any weather circumstances. An emergency operation, a slippery ground, the snow or a downgraded coating can cause a loss of adhesion of the tires, resulting in a delicate or impossible control. The ABS can avoid this.

Our ABS system consists of 4 pipes and 4 sensors. The front / rear (and right / left) braking distribution is managed in a completely electronic way at the maximum available grip, at every moment, on each wheel. Sensors are issued from the latest state of art: the output voltage is independent of the rotation speed, so it can measure very low speeds. As a consequence, if the vehicle speed is greater than 5 km/h and if the ABS system starts, then ABS will be running until vehicle completely stops. This performance can’t be reached with passive sensors system. Therefore the global efficiency is improved.

This equipment completes our range of already numerous active safety equipments which are available as standard across the range : wide-vision windscreens, a high-efficiency windscreen defroster, a 3rd brake light enhanced with automatic activation of the emergency flashers in the event of a sudden stop, LED running lights, halogen headlights, a lowered centre of gravity, wider track, etc…

We hope that you will be satisfied with these evolutions.