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Original Aixam parts

All of the parts of your vehicle are subject to constraints and high temperatures. The original Aixam spare parts are designed to meet extreme conditions.

So that you can drive your Aixam in complete confidence, our 7,000 original spare parts have all passed rigorous tests and have been specifically qualified and approved for your model.

Choosing the original Aixam part guarantees:

  • Perfect adjustment
  • High quality materials
  • Proven safety standards
  • Engine reliability
  • Durability of wearing parts (brakes, filters etc...)

The importance of spare parts

A whole world is set into motion when you are behind the wheel of your Aixam. While you take advantage of your vehicle, your brake pads, which are frequently put to use, attain a high temperature; the same as your oil filter which purifies large quantities of oil to ensure the lubrication and protection of your engine until the next service.

The quality of the replacement parts greatly affects the quality of your driving. The servicing and replacement of parts at regular intervals are essential to guarantee the proper functioning of your Aixam, but above all to guarantee your safety. The original Aixam parts are the only ones to have been designed and tested especially for your vehicle, and must be your one and only choice.

By trusting an approved technician with the servicing of your Aixam, you can rest assured that your vehicle will always provide optimal performance in complete safety, regardless of all the wear and tear of everyday use.

Air filter

Air filter

Protect you engine and let it breathe with an original air filter.

The air filter helps to prevent the intrusion of possible foreign bodies such as dust or dirt into the engine, which could cause it irreversible damage or be harmful to the piston/cylinder assembly. These tiny particles can also get into the engine oil resulting in the premature wear of other major parts. The clogging of the filter also has the consequence of reducing airflow therefore increasing fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

The original Aixam air filters allow the maintenance of correct airflow in all circumstances, unlike certain adaptable filters available on the market. In order to conserve optimal engine performance; each filter has been designed to reduce pollution, consumption and to increase the durability of the engine.

Oil filter

Oil filter

The oil filter cleans the oil that circulates through the engine. If the oil filter is not changed on a regular basis it can get clogged up with impurities. This results in poor lubrication hence reducing the durability of the engine.

A comparison of the life of several oil filters has shown that the original oil filter lasts longer than adaptable filters.  The original oil filters are perfectly adapted to the servicing intervals specified by AIXAM.

The price differential between an original oil filter and an adaptable oil filter is only a few euros. By contrast, the invoice for a new engine in the case of breakage caused by bad lubrication reaches several thousand euros.

Diesel filter

Diesel filter

This filter serves to eliminate particles found in diesel fuel as well as filtering the water contained in the fuel.

The mechanical fuel-injection pump equipped on all diesel engines is a key part requiring high-precision adjustments. Unfiltered impurities or water in the system can have serious consequences. It is therefore recommended to change this filter every 5,000 km.

Furthermore, an Aixam approved technician should carry out the replacement, as the intervention requires thorough mechanical knowledge. It involves a spare part of vital importance to the health of your engine.



Insist on original Aixam parts, using other parts will render your vehicle less resistant to shocks.

Since 1988 our entire range is submitted to stringent safety checks: frontal, lateral and rear crash tests.

We often compare original Aixam parts to existing counterfeit parts when conducting shock tests.

In our recommendations, the Aixam bodywork part must be able to withstand a 50 joules impact (5 kg 80 mm diameter cylinder drop from a height of 1 metre).

Test at room temperature 23°: copy in black, original part in white
Test 23 degrés
Test at low temperature -15°: copy in black, original part in white
Test -15 degrés

To summarise, adaptable parts present an important risk to safety. As a matter of fact, in light of the shock tests carried out and the (above-mentioned) obtained results, we can see that the adaptable samples break into a large amount of pieces of a highly aggressive shape and size, which can represent a serious threat in the case of impact.

Certain counterfeit parts that appear identical in shape are substantially different to our original parts, notably in terms of angles and sharp edges. These parts can come into contact with pedestrians causing serious injury. In addition, counterfeiting is punishable by law (three years of imprisonment and a 300,000 euro fine) using these parts can therefore render your vehicle unfit for circulation.

The original AIXAM parts have dimensions and machining of great accuracy. The quality of these parts provides for optimal assembly guaranteeing the trustworthiness of your vehicle, this is not the case with adaptable parts.

For your comfort and safety as well as that of other road users, use only AIXAM parts.



Specially designed to correspond to the vehicle characteristics.

The original Aixam belts are designed to deliver a maximum of resistance and durability and correspond to the vehicle on which they are to be installed. They employ the best possible materials available on the market in order to constantly increase durability.

There can be serious consequences if the belt quality is inferior to the original such as tearing, this can result in damage to the entire transmission system.

Design of materials for increased longevity:

The Aixam belts have been subjected to extensive testing, the materials and length and width of the belt have been specifically chosen to increase durability. The weak leading edge of the belt combined with a small pulley provides very good flexibility and a high resistance to temperatures.

The components of the original belts have been developed with the aim of bringing high resistance to abrasion and optimal durability. An original belt therefore allows improved longevity of the transmission and a reduction in consumption and pollution by way of the decreased friction.

Speed variators and gearbox

Speed variators and gearbox

The speed variators and gearboxes are developed specifically for our models and involve parts that require adjustments of great accuracy. As well as being vital parts for the operation of your vehicle, they are safety elements that should not be overlooked.

After the engine these are the most complex parts of your vehicle. They therefore require maintenance with the gearbox oil cooler selected by Axiam and original parts. Consequently it is essential to undertake regular maintenance conducted by AIXAM approved repairers. This will allow you to prolong the longevity of your vehicle and to economise on maintenance costs.



Original pads: don’t compromise when it comes to safety.

The original Aixam brake pads are developed specifically for each model in the range to provide optimal braking performance and chassis balance. Conversely, adaptable brake pads are developed for mounting on various vehicles having a direct impact on braking system performance. This is why you are in no way compromising with safety if you choose the original pads.

Compared to other brake pads on the market, the original Aixam brake pads are designed to meet very precise specifications as well as a certain number of constraints:

  • Good braking performance
  • Respect of brake discs
  • Slower wear
  • Maintenance savings
  • Reduced emission of polluting particles

Original Aixam parts: safety first!

Glow plugs and battery

Glow plugs and battery

Diesel engines are sometimes difficult to start in the cold season.

  • The cold causes loss of power to the battery
  • The heat produced by the plugs is not sufficient to start the engine
  • There is often a lack of necessary heat in the combustion chambers
  • Without heat input, the fuel/air mixture doesn’t reach the required temperatures

In summary, it isn’t you who decides whether or not your vehicle starts.

It is therefore necessary to bear in mind that the life of a battery is directly influenced by a number of variables (driving conditions, activation of electrical equipment...).

In some extreme cases (e.g. driving less than 10 km), the battery won’t be recharged by way of normal vehicle operation. In this case it is imperative to connect the battery to a charger which can be purchased from your AIXAM distributor.

If you wish to charge your battery, it must be removed from the car and executed in a ventilated room using the appropriate charger.

It is sometimes necessary to replace all of the plugs even if only one is faulty, in order to avoid an imbalance between the cylinders when starting the engine.

An intervention with the plugs in required when the vehicle has problems starting in the cold. Difficulty starting can be a sign that the glow plugs have reached the end of their duration. It is advised to run a diagnostic at an approved AIXAM repairer.