Specially designed to correspond to the vehicle characteristics.

The original Aixam belts are designed to deliver a maximum of resistance and durability and correspond to the vehicle on which they are to be installed. They employ the best possible materials available on the market in order to constantly increase durability.

There can be serious consequences if the belt quality is inferior to the original such as tearing, this can result in damage to the entire transmission system.

Design of materials for increased longevity:

The Aixam belts have been subjected to extensive testing, the materials and length and width of the belt have been specifically chosen to increase durability. The weak leading edge of the belt combined with a small pulley provides very good flexibility and a high resistance to temperatures.

The components of the original belts have been developed with the aim of bringing high resistance to abrasion and optimal durability. An original belt therefore allows improved longevity of the transmission and a reduction in consumption and pollution by way of the decreased friction.