Insist on original Aixam parts, using other parts will render your vehicle less resistant to shocks.

Since 1988 our entire range is submitted to stringent safety checks: frontal, lateral and rear crash tests.

We often compare original Aixam parts to existing counterfeit parts when conducting shock tests.

In our recommendations, the Aixam bodywork part must be able to withstand a 50 joules impact (5 kg 80 mm diameter cylinder drop from a height of 1 metre).

Test at room temperature 23°: copy in black, original part in white
Test 23 degrés
Test at low temperature -15°: copy in black, original part in white
Test -15 degrés

To summarise, adaptable parts present an important risk to safety. As a matter of fact, in light of the shock tests carried out and the (above-mentioned) obtained results, we can see that the adaptable samples break into a large amount of pieces of a highly aggressive shape and size, which can represent a serious threat in the case of impact.

Certain counterfeit parts that appear identical in shape are substantially different to our original parts, notably in terms of angles and sharp edges. These parts can come into contact with pedestrians causing serious injury. In addition, counterfeiting is punishable by law (three years of imprisonment and a 300,000 euro fine) using these parts can therefore render your vehicle unfit for circulation.

The original AIXAM parts have dimensions and machining of great accuracy. The quality of these parts provides for optimal assembly guaranteeing the trustworthiness of your vehicle, this is not the case with adaptable parts.

For your comfort and safety as well as that of other road users, use only AIXAM parts.