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Glow plugs and battery

Glow plugs and battery

Diesel engines are sometimes difficult to start in the cold season.

  • The cold causes loss of power to the battery
  • The heat produced by the plugs is not sufficient to start the engine
  • There is often a lack of necessary heat in the combustion chambers
  • Without heat input, the fuel/air mixture doesn’t reach the required temperatures

In summary, it isn’t you who decides whether or not your vehicle starts.

It is therefore necessary to bear in mind that the life of a battery is directly influenced by a number of variables (driving conditions, activation of electrical equipment...).

In some extreme cases (e.g. driving less than 10 km), the battery won’t be recharged by way of normal vehicle operation. In this case it is imperative to connect the battery to a charger which can be purchased from your AIXAM distributor.

If you wish to charge your battery, it must be removed from the car and executed in a ventilated room using the appropriate charger.

It is sometimes necessary to replace all of the plugs even if only one is faulty, in order to avoid an imbalance between the cylinders when starting the engine.

An intervention with the plugs in required when the vehicle has problems starting in the cold. Difficulty starting can be a sign that the glow plugs have reached the end of their duration. It is advised to run a diagnostic at an approved AIXAM repairer.