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Must we own a licence to drive an Aixam?

People born before 1 January 1988 can drive a car without a licence (light quadricycle) without having an AM licence. The AM licence (otherwise known as the BSR) is a compulsory 8-hour training course to be taken at a driving school. Over 2 days, the professionals will divide the training into 5 sequences: - Sequence 1 focuses on exchanges, on individual representations of driving (30 minutes). - Sequence 2 covers training in off-road driving (1 hour minimum). - Sequence 3 deals with the highway code (30 minutes). - Sequence 4 covers training for driving on roads open to public traffic (minimum 3 hours). - Sequence 5 covers risk awareness in the presence of at least one parent or legal guardian for underage students (1 hour). This training is essential to feel comfortable at the wheel of a car without a licence, and to enable you to drive safely.

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